The latest updates from the LH Paragon Group of Companies.

We Pass It On

The second and third generations of the LH family. (From left: John Go, Alfredo Go, Doris Liu-Ong, Patricia Ong, Bernie Liu, Bryan Liu, Edmun Liu, Amber Liu, Charlie Liu, and Charles Liu.)

On the 60th Founding Anniversary of the LH Paragon Group on February 8, 2024, the third generation representatives of the LH Family, joined by their parents, raised a toast in honor of the Group’s Founders, Knight Leo Lim Liu and Dame Norma Liu, and sealed their commitment to pass on their continuing legacy, “As the future stewards of the LH Paragon Group, we, the third generation of the LH Family, have begun training under the mentorship of our parents. We still have a long way to go, but just like our parents, we commit to the vision our Founders have laid out before us and ensure its continuous pursuit for the coming generations.”

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